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Dany/Danny love & why I look like John Travolta today

Ok work with me here...

My outfit inspiration for the day is a little random. Here's how it went down...

I woke up really tired today (as I do most Mondays) and was staring at my closet trying to figure out what to wear. Mondays are usually my spontaneous outfit days while I usually plan the rest of the week out. I couldn't find inspiration so I started with choosing the shoes I felt like wearing. I picked out my beloved black Jessica Simpson Danys - one of my favorite pairs since I had to literally HUNT them down over a year ago because they were so hard to find. In case you don't know...Dany's are copies of the Jeffery Campbell Foxy and the original Charles Anastase wooden platforms. I actually think the JS version is the cutest of all of them, but that's just my opinion!

After choosing the Dany's, my super sleepy head somehow went to thinking of the name Danny and instantly had a vision of Danny Zuko, John Travolta's (JT) character, from one of my all time favorite movies - Grease! My first thought was of Danny dancing away at Rydell High's prom with Sandy in his black and pink tuxedo ensemble.

And that was all I needed...inspiration set!

I quickly chose a pink oxford button down (recent purchase from Gap) and a black v-neck sweater from Banana Republic and black Gap trousers. Of course, the outfit needed a little more POP so I went with my fave Kate Spade Baublebox Bib Necklace. Hey, JT had pink socks AND a pink pocket square, so I needed something fun too! :)

So there you have it...details of the inner workings of my Monday morning brain and why I look like John Travolta at work today.

Maybe I should have gotten a few more hours of sleep last night...

What celebs inspire you? How do you choose what you wear for the week?

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