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Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) - Betty the Space Lady

I've always been known for having my own style - sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not so much. Since I usually post about my more "successful" outfits, I figured you guys could use some laughs and see some of my more unusual choices from my outfit archive.

Most of these outfits have a story behind them but some were just straight up bad choices. 

I am proudly introducing my second Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) post titled: Betty the Space Lady. (my first can be found here, for your reading pleasure)

Age: 8

Every year my family would go to Miami to visit our extended family. In Miami there was this ridiculous kids clothing store that one could probably find only in Miami. I have no idea what the name was but it had every kind of lamé outfit known to man especially made for little kids!  

For those of you that don't know,  lamé is a metallic knit that is, according to Wikipedia, "often used in evening and dress wear and in theatrical and dance costumes. It was, at one time, ubiquitous as a favorite material in futuristic costumes for science fiction television and films." It was very popular in the 80's especially with the "older lady" crowd and is now making somewhat of a comeback in American Apparel items. With the exception of this cute sash (which I have to get in gold!)...I have to admit this scares me a lot!

Anyway, my aunts used to always take me to this store to buy me an outfit and I could never find  anything that I liked - even with my fancy taste.  

This particular year, however, I spotted what I thought was the most AMAZING dress I had ever seen. It had a black velvet bodice with silver lamé puffy sleeves and a silver lamé bubble skirt. It was to die for and I HAD to have it. I begged and pleaded for my aunts to buy it for me but they hesitated, saying it was a little too grown up for an 8 year old. 

I must have either thrown a fit or used my sad puppy dog face because I somehow got them to buy it for me. But of course, it was only under the condition that they were allowed to call me "Betty the Space Lady" when I wore it. They thought it was hilarious but I didn't care; I got my dress!

You would not believe the amount of ridicule I got for wearing that dress. My aunts got everyone in my family involved and every time I wore it (and believe me, I wore it A LOT), someone would call me Betty the Space lady. They would never call me by my real name as long as I was wearing that dress. I had to endure an entire year of adopting my new moniker but I will tell you - it was worth it! Betty the Space Lady wore the heck out of that dress and loved every minute of it! 

The moral of this FFFP story: If you love it, who cares what anyone else thinks. Own it and make it your own!

And for a more updated, no-lamé "Betty the Space Lady" look, check out these fab options from BCBG.

And if you MUST add some lamé  to your look, try a pebbled version like this from Michael Kors - a little less old-lady-from-miami-ish. 

Michael Kors - Pebbled Lame Dress - Neiman Marcus

Until next time...

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