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Classy with a Kick??

First confession - I wanted to name this blog Classic with a Kick but it was taken by some foodie so I had to be creative. Classy is not my favorite word; I feel like it has been overused in the media (Countess who??) and usually uttered by people who are farthest thing away from being "classy" but I do love what it actually stands for:

Classy, according to Merriam Webster:
a) elegant, stylish
b) having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior
c) admirably skillful and graceful

Of course I have had a few fashion faux pas in the past and my choice of lounging at home outfits are far from being considered "stylish", but I almost always try to make sure each outfit I put together has an overall display of timeless style. Your outfit is a reflection of you and since I hold myself and my principals by a high standard of personal behavior (see definition above), I make sure my clothes reflect this view on life.

Now, high standards are great and keep you out of trouble, but a girl has got to have a little bit fun, don't you think?

This is where the kick comes in...

Source: askmystyle.com via Kathryn on Pinterest

The people that know me well - I mean KNOW me well, will tell you I am anything but normal. I have extremely weird quirks - everything from being terrified of potatoes (the most SIMPLE food ever) to having to sit for 10-20 minutes in bed upon waking up so I don't pass out in the shower to getting extreme joy out of building IKEA furniture. The list could go on and I am sure as you keep reading, you will learn a lot more about me and my strangeness. The thing is, I have always been able to embrace my quirks. I love them. I don't try to cover them up or change for anyone. They make me who I am and they give me individuality - aka my "kick". 

So when putting together my outfits, I always make sure a part of my individuality is showing. Whether it's the addition of sparkle, color, crazy shoes, bright nail polish, or even an interesting print, you will almost never see me wearing something 100% basic. Just like it's not me to live a life without interesting quirks, it's not me to wear something without a little "kick." 

Through this blog, I hope to show you how I form my personal style. Feel free to use my suggestions as inspiration or even a base of what NOT to wear as I am perfectly aware that one style does not suit everyone. In fact, if it did, I would have to find a way to go against it! 

Happy reading!

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