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Brights, Bermudas and Beige Pumps - Back from Vegas

Maybe it was the flashing lights on the slot machines or the lack of color in the Vegas landscape, but I was inspired to brighten up my travel-home outfit by mixing bright colors, patterns and textures. It was overcast in Vegas and San Diego today so weather-wise, it was a perfect layering day.

Brights, Bermudas and Beige Pumps

Flattering fashion tip: Nude pumps are great for elongating your legs which is key if you have shorter legs and are wearing a length like a Bermuda. Try to choose a nude that compliments your skin tone. It's really easy to do this just by trying it on or holding it up to your leg. Make sure you compare it to your leg and not up to your arm/hand as the skin color can be very different.  Some people need more of a tan nude, while others look better in a pinkish nude (my shade of preference). If you feel the colors blends TOO much with your skin tone, use a bit of self tanner or tinted shimmer lotion for more contrast. Lauren Conrad has a great do-it-yourself shimmer lotion recipe that I will be whipping up this weekend!

The addition of a bold purse and simple silver jewerly add a little kick to this otherwise basic outfit. As you can see, I found a way to include a white skinny belt - which I found in a set of three at H&M over the weekend! Yay!

Something to discuss...how are you mixing up your colors/patterns this season?

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