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Lulu Love

As much as I love dressing up, I LOVE dressing down. Majority of my weekend days (or work from home days) are spent in my favorite pieces from my one of my favorite brands - Lululemon.

I wholeheartedly admit that I am a true Lululemon (or Lulu as I lovingly call it) addict.

Lulu has been a staple in my wardrobe for the past 10 years. My two aunts introduced me to Lulu when they brought me into one of the Montreal locations on Greene Ave and showed me how they will actually hem your pants for you -  a HUGE bonus for us short ladies!

Since then, I have been collecting Lulu items that, to date, have stood the test of time. I still have a jacket and pants from 10 years ago that look great. Seriously, how many pairs of yoga pants do YOU own that have lasted that long and have not faded or ripped??? And how many pairs of leggings do you have that are NOT see-thru and can perform double duty as workout pants and going out attire with heels? Oh how I love you, my darling Wunder Unders!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about Lulu is the price. Sure, they are a bit more expensive than other pieces of workout/loungewear but we're talking super high quality items. I have no problem buying something that is a bit pricey if it lasts long and looks good while doing it. If you compare the quality of Lulu pants to Victoria's Secret, Gap or any others, I guarantee you will see a HUGE difference!

Below are a few of my recent and classic favorites from Lulu...I have each of these items in multiple colors and as long as they keep making them, I will keep buying them! All can be found on lululemon.com

Tops from left to right: Define Jacket, No Limits Tank (in Flash, my new favorite color), InStride Jacket (the Stride Jacket is a fave too...it has a hood), and the Run: Tame Me Tank (has a cinchable bottom so you can wear long or shorter). Fit tip: if you are looking for a longer, less fitted look with the jackets, order a size or two up. 

Headbands: Black Slipless headband and Purple (concord grape) Lucky Luon

Pants from left to right: Astro Pants (waist can be folded down or worn higher to conceal muffin top on bloated days), Groove Pants (these make your butt look ah-mazing), Wonder Unders (see above), and Studio Pants.

Lulu Love

Do you wear Lulu? What are your favorite brands of workout/lounge wear?


Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) - Betty the Space Lady

I've always been known for having my own style - sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not so much. Since I usually post about my more "successful" outfits, I figured you guys could use some laughs and see some of my more unusual choices from my outfit archive.

Most of these outfits have a story behind them but some were just straight up bad choices. 

I am proudly introducing my second Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) post titled: Betty the Space Lady. (my first can be found here, for your reading pleasure)

Age: 8

Every year my family would go to Miami to visit our extended family. In Miami there was this ridiculous kids clothing store that one could probably find only in Miami. I have no idea what the name was but it had every kind of lamé outfit known to man especially made for little kids!  

For those of you that don't know,  lamé is a metallic knit that is, according to Wikipedia, "often used in evening and dress wear and in theatrical and dance costumes. It was, at one time, ubiquitous as a favorite material in futuristic costumes for science fiction television and films." It was very popular in the 80's especially with the "older lady" crowd and is now making somewhat of a comeback in American Apparel items. With the exception of this cute sash (which I have to get in gold!)...I have to admit this scares me a lot!

Anyway, my aunts used to always take me to this store to buy me an outfit and I could never find  anything that I liked - even with my fancy taste.  

This particular year, however, I spotted what I thought was the most AMAZING dress I had ever seen. It had a black velvet bodice with silver lamé puffy sleeves and a silver lamé bubble skirt. It was to die for and I HAD to have it. I begged and pleaded for my aunts to buy it for me but they hesitated, saying it was a little too grown up for an 8 year old. 

I must have either thrown a fit or used my sad puppy dog face because I somehow got them to buy it for me. But of course, it was only under the condition that they were allowed to call me "Betty the Space Lady" when I wore it. They thought it was hilarious but I didn't care; I got my dress!

You would not believe the amount of ridicule I got for wearing that dress. My aunts got everyone in my family involved and every time I wore it (and believe me, I wore it A LOT), someone would call me Betty the Space lady. They would never call me by my real name as long as I was wearing that dress. I had to endure an entire year of adopting my new moniker but I will tell you - it was worth it! Betty the Space Lady wore the heck out of that dress and loved every minute of it! 

The moral of this FFFP story: If you love it, who cares what anyone else thinks. Own it and make it your own!

And for a more updated, no-lamé "Betty the Space Lady" look, check out these fab options from BCBG.

And if you MUST add some lamé  to your look, try a pebbled version like this from Michael Kors - a little less old-lady-from-miami-ish. 

Michael Kors - Pebbled Lame Dress - Neiman Marcus

Until next time...


Feeling Knotty...

For some reason, I always seem to go on shopping binges in the Spring. Maybe it's because of the change in weather or the extra birthday money I get - but my closet always gets a lot more crowded during the sunny spring months!

This month two of my FAVORITE purchases (so far) are my pink scalloped shorts from H&M (not available online but these lace ones from Free People are pretty damn cute!) and my sparkly, sequin-y (have I mentioned I make up my own words sometimes?) anchor tank from J Crew.

So what do you do when you have two favorite pieces that would not ordinarily go together? You put them together of course! Throw in some fun nautical accessories such a this adorable rope bracelet from Target and this super cute wicker and white clutch from Kate Spade (the lining in this bag is fabulous, by the way).

Sparkles, Scallops and Sky High Wedges

Oh and the shoes...Yes, I will admit these are pretty crazy. But I loved the neutral lace and the height so I had to try them. I was a little scared when the Nordstrom box arrived in the mail and I tried them on for the first time. I was shocked but pleased to find out that these shoes are actually pretty comfortable and easy to walk in. And they are definitely a conversation piece - if you buy them just beware that people WILL stop you on the street to ask you how you are walking in them. But if you are used to a high platform and don't constantly rest on your heels (I do when I am sitting which is safe while wearing these), you should be fine in these babies! Personal tip: due to the nature of the heel - it is best to wear these with cropped pants, shorts or skirts; otherwise you look like you have baby feet which is weird.

Today's convo: How have you paired your two favorite items from this Spring's purchases? Did you buy them together or separate?


Brights, Bermudas and Beige Pumps - Back from Vegas

Maybe it was the flashing lights on the slot machines or the lack of color in the Vegas landscape, but I was inspired to brighten up my travel-home outfit by mixing bright colors, patterns and textures. It was overcast in Vegas and San Diego today so weather-wise, it was a perfect layering day.

Brights, Bermudas and Beige Pumps

Flattering fashion tip: Nude pumps are great for elongating your legs which is key if you have shorter legs and are wearing a length like a Bermuda. Try to choose a nude that compliments your skin tone. It's really easy to do this just by trying it on or holding it up to your leg. Make sure you compare it to your leg and not up to your arm/hand as the skin color can be very different.  Some people need more of a tan nude, while others look better in a pinkish nude (my shade of preference). If you feel the colors blends TOO much with your skin tone, use a bit of self tanner or tinted shimmer lotion for more contrast. Lauren Conrad has a great do-it-yourself shimmer lotion recipe that I will be whipping up this weekend!

The addition of a bold purse and simple silver jewerly add a little kick to this otherwise basic outfit. As you can see, I found a way to include a white skinny belt - which I found in a set of three at H&M over the weekend! Yay!

Something to discuss...how are you mixing up your colors/patterns this season?


Plaid, Platforms & Pearls

It's my birthday so I went a little casual for work today. But pearls dress everything up, right? I went a little "farm girl" with a kick today - plaid shirt and all!

It's really fun to mix up unexpected looks - country chic plaid with classic pearls and crazy Jeffery Campbell or Jessica Simpson platforms (which do you like best?). Oh and you can't forget the designer aviators!

Farm Girl with a Kick

*By the way, you will start to notice that I am completely obsessed with white belts. Why? I have no idea but get used to seeing them!

Off to a surprise dinner with the hubby! Maybe he will get me a camera so I can start taking pictures of my actual outfits...


Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) - Oops, no pants!

I've always been known for having my own style - sometimes this is a good thing; sometimes not so much. Since I usually post about my more "successful" outfits, I figured you guys could use some laughs and see some of my more unusual choices from my outfit archive.

Most of these outfits have a story behind them but some were just straight up bad choices. If I can find pictures to attach, I promise I will - if not, I will try to find some kind of visual to give you an idea how it call came together.

So with that, I introduce my first Fashion Flashback Faux Pas (FFFP) post titled: Oops, no pants!

Seattle, WA
Age: 9

Growing up, I was obsessed with Benetton. I had to have everything from there. At the time, they were known for their layering pieces in different colors, patterns and textures. Featured outfits in the ads/stores showed patterned sweaters layered with bright polo shirts, plaid skirts and striped thigh-high socks. I LOVED this look...I had to have every piece and the crazier the mixture of patterns, the better. Although out of everything one of my favorite pieces were the striped thigh-high socks - something EVERY 8 year old should have, right?!?

Since it was the 80's, I was also very into spandex/stretch pants - now known as leggings. I had just about every single color you could imagine - EXCEPT black and white striped which I could not find anywhere. These are kind of like what I wanted...

Cheap Monday Stripe Skinny Jeans 

One evening while selecting my outfit for the next day to go with my brand new black, off the shoulder sweatshirt (it was the 80's, ok??), I realized I NEEDED to have that pair of striped leggings. Back then, and I guess still to this date, there are some items I will obsess about until I buy them or find them. In this case, my outfit was not going to be complete without those leggings!

Then all of a sudden I had the genius idea to wear my Benetton thigh-high striped socks and put on a pair of neon pink ankle socks over them to make them look just like striped leggings! I put the outfit together and was very pleased with the overall look. I could barely sleep that night - so excited to wear my new outfit to school.

At school the next morning, one of my friends commented on how cool my new "pants" were and asked me where I got them. Proud of my creativity and resourcefulness, I happily revealed my secret to her - they weren't pants but rather really long socks! My confidence instantly vanished when she replied, "So you're like not wearing any pants - just socks and a shirt??"  It wasn't until that moment that I realized, I was - in fact- at school and not wearing any pants!

Now one could say my shirt was technically a "dress" and therefore the outfit was essentially the same as wearing a dress/skirt with high socks, but I could not shake the overall feeling that I was totally inappropriate and a borderline "flasher."

I can't remember how it all went down but I do remember around lunchtime, my mom showed up to my classroom and brought me a pair of bright purple 80's style running shorts (kind of like these) to put on under my shirt. Even though no one could see the difference (they were pretty short), I felt much better knowing I had some coverage. Oh and in case you were wondering, with the addition of the short-shorts, the entire outfit became one of my faves and was worn many, MANY times again!

The moral of this FFFP story: It's OK to get creative for fashion - just don't forget to wear pants!

If you want a modern day (less 80's) look using stripes, leggings and some neon, I would recommend something more along the lines of this:

Leggings, Stripes and Neon

Until next time...

Saturday by the Sea...

Happy Monday everyone!

San Diego gave us some pretty strange weather over the past week but it finally cleared up on Saturday and we headed out to the beach to Jakes Del Mar for some dinner and cocktails. Jakes is a part of the T S restaurants chain - some our FAVORITE places to go in Hawaii - and after stopping by Dukes in Malibu last week, we knew we had to make  reservation and support our local restaurant by the sea.

Dinners in San Diego are pretty causal. Honestly, you can get away with wearing (appropriate - and I use that term lightly) beach attire almost anywhere - but I wanted to dress it up a bit and throw in some hints of my favorite color this season (Coral) with a kick of gold sparkle here and there!

I made sure to include one of my new obsessions into Saturday's outfit - a skinny belt. I love them, can't get enough of them - especially ones in crazy neon colors with OR without bows. I am dying to get this one next. I am hoping someone (hint, hint) will get me a J. Crew gift certificate for my birthday on Thursday - I can guarantee it will be put to good use! 

Anyway, below is an inspiration board of how the final look came together...

Coral, Gold & Black
Coral, Gold & Black by jj8809

As always, I made sure to add a little color or sparkle to this outfit. It's really easy to do. I recommend using fashion/style blogs, catalogs and even pins on Pinterest to inspire you and then take something you love to give it your special touch! Don't be afraid to mix colors, textures and styles because in the end, that's exactly what gives you your own personal style. 


Casual Friday...

Here's what was selected for my office attire today. Today is casual friday so it's OK to wear jeans to work (even though I do it during the week too - shhh!)

Todays "kick" - adding some bling (crystal bangles) and sky-high wedges to an otherwise basic "preppy" outfit. (three people told me today that I look preppy so I am going with it).

Casual Friday

BTW - the shoes are crazy comfortable and affordable. I highly recommend them!

Happy Friday! Do something fun this weekend!


Classy with a Kick??

First confession - I wanted to name this blog Classic with a Kick but it was taken by some foodie so I had to be creative. Classy is not my favorite word; I feel like it has been overused in the media (Countess who??) and usually uttered by people who are farthest thing away from being "classy" but I do love what it actually stands for:

Classy, according to Merriam Webster:
a) elegant, stylish
b) having or reflecting high standards of personal behavior
c) admirably skillful and graceful

Of course I have had a few fashion faux pas in the past and my choice of lounging at home outfits are far from being considered "stylish", but I almost always try to make sure each outfit I put together has an overall display of timeless style. Your outfit is a reflection of you and since I hold myself and my principals by a high standard of personal behavior (see definition above), I make sure my clothes reflect this view on life.

Now, high standards are great and keep you out of trouble, but a girl has got to have a little bit fun, don't you think?

This is where the kick comes in...

Source: askmystyle.com via Kathryn on Pinterest

The people that know me well - I mean KNOW me well, will tell you I am anything but normal. I have extremely weird quirks - everything from being terrified of potatoes (the most SIMPLE food ever) to having to sit for 10-20 minutes in bed upon waking up so I don't pass out in the shower to getting extreme joy out of building IKEA furniture. The list could go on and I am sure as you keep reading, you will learn a lot more about me and my strangeness. The thing is, I have always been able to embrace my quirks. I love them. I don't try to cover them up or change for anyone. They make me who I am and they give me individuality - aka my "kick". 

So when putting together my outfits, I always make sure a part of my individuality is showing. Whether it's the addition of sparkle, color, crazy shoes, bright nail polish, or even an interesting print, you will almost never see me wearing something 100% basic. Just like it's not me to live a life without interesting quirks, it's not me to wear something without a little "kick." 

Through this blog, I hope to show you how I form my personal style. Feel free to use my suggestions as inspiration or even a base of what NOT to wear as I am perfectly aware that one style does not suit everyone. In fact, if it did, I would have to find a way to go against it! 

Happy reading!

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